The poisonous

The poisonous When imposing compress on any of parts of a body of the child do not forget to enclose a thin towel.

The poisonous substances getting through a surface of skin.

If you suspect such poisoning at the child, try to find confirmation to the assumptions.

Scattered or spilled cleaning or detergents can be the incident proof.

If you noticed irritation and a redness on skin of the child, take off from the kid the clothes soiled by a chemical preparation and immediately call in the next toxicological center.

The poisonous substances getting into an organism of the child through a digestive path.

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At the same

At the same With our children of it it does not happen.

On the contrary, every day in them healthy egoism is more and more shown, they become more rough, sharp.

But they understand, from where it in them appears.

At the same time we will see off with them practical and theoretical zanyaa tiya to reveal this egoism, to understand it, to separate from it, to investigate from outside egoism, own and another's, all to trade places to join each other I now as you, and you – as it and so on.

I should know all the companions, should fly into a rage and play a role of each of them.

Thus, we become integralno included each other.

This mutual inclusion gradually creates new essence – integrated perception in which no, I, and am we.

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Then all expressed

Then all expressed I did not begin to correct a situation not to bring in it energy of the adult person, and decided to look simply that will be.

When children sat down at a table, some began to complain that they have no juice.

Who a cup had full, shared.

Well and as the group consisted generally of children years, juice plentifully irrigated tables.

Who had in the beginning no juice, thanked those who shared.

Then all expressed pleasure of that on light there is such fine subject, as a sponge! Watching how small children settle conflict situations and solve big problems, I every time am surprised.

Without intervention of adults they perfectly overcome difficulties, showing to each other kindness.

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I from the heart

I from the heart Now as to me only to leave our Romena.

I I go to myself home to Morocco.

Now, when my daughter became all to speak, not only to speak, and to think and tries to tell fairy tales.

Very much it is a pity to me.

I very much love you, Romen Teodorovna, I to To you went with pleasure.

I from the heart wish you strong health for that you do for our children.

Thank you very much.

I hope that we will sometime meet.

I never will forget you.

Fauziya from Morocco In a year.

Dear Romena Teodorovna.

probably, you think that I forgot you.

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It is impossible

It is impossible It is not necessary to frighten anybody, but it is necessary to tell the truth that occurs.

It is impossible to hide and close eyes.

It is impossible to continue fiddle while Rome burns.

It is necessary to look at the world rationally.

if there was no medicine, OST only to feast at last, and there come what may! But if there is a medicine, why to move to sufferings when it is possible to go already today some other way And it is not necessary practically, anything.

Only to turn vnimascientific research institute on interaction between us.

We should execute a bible appeal love near as itself about which tell all religions and against which anybody and does not object.

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What food

What foodWhat food you will give it to will, when to it ispolthree years, five years, ten are been not presentI!When the newborn scratches itself; when mladenets, sittin drags in a mouth a foot, falls back and angrily round responsible; when, having pulled itself hair,screws up the face from pain, but renews experience; when strikesitself a spoon on the head also looks up that there such,that does he do not see, but feels he does not know itselfhimself.

When studies movements of hands; when, cam,attentively considers it; when during feedingstops to suck and compares a foot to a breast of mother; when,tripping legs, stops and looks down, vyiskivy that supports it absolutely differently, than materinsky hands; when compares the right foot, in a stockin with left,without a stockin he aspires to learn and the nobility.

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