It is necessary

It is necessary It is necessary to be guided by present children, approximately five years', to borrow with education of younger generation which is under ours vliyaniI eat.

if to consider that the youth leaves in life at the age from fifteen till twenty years, we have somewhere years of work with them.

Whether we in years can make of them people of future generation, kotoa swarm not such already and the future – because natural factors draw in, and we are late Everything depends on on what educational system, the program, a technique, work, with simultaneous training of specialists on vospito the Tonian Period, attraction of the public, mass media, pravitelstvo, the international organizations will be conducted.

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For example, fighters. And the wild

For example, fighters. And the wild Martin quietly, in confidence, furtively whispered to Nils Wild geese despise house birds, laugh over , say that they thick, silly also are not able to fly.

I cannot leave such a crumb of one in a dense forest, where everyone can finish with it! After all Nils such small! It can eat wild animals.

For example, fighters.

And the wild boar can attack.

Eh, Martin, Martin, probably, it decided that a fox sherobber me ate.

But after all the fox did not eat me.

Where you departed, Martin Why you me abandoned It is bad from your party.

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Exclude Dress the child in the free clothes made of natural materials.

Exclude from a diet of the child the products leading to emergence of an allergy.

When to call the doctor.

Call the doctor if suspect that the child has an atopic dermatitis.

It is very important to receive recommendations of the doctor because the plaques arising at this condition, are inclined to suppuration.

Medicines for treatment of atopic dermatitis can be appointed only by the doctor.

It can be ointments and the creams containing steroid components, desensibiliziruyushchy means and antibacterial preparations in case of suppuration accession.

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So you show

So you show It cannot be simple the order, your law or a justification of that you did not sleep, and tomorrow to you for work.

So you show the weakness.

The teenager wants to be strong therefore will not carry out your rules which resulted you in weakness.

Explain to him that you very much love it, miss and worry.

You so would like before going to bed it to see together to exchange news, validly to listen to him and to be glad to its successes.

It is not necessary to try to find out, where it was and than was engaged.

Show respect for its independent decision most to tell only that will want.

Even if he will tell nothing to you, thank for that considered your request and agreed to divide hour before going to bed with you.

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At the majority

At the majority The oneyearold child can remember that it did five years ago, not worse, than we.

His consciousness in much bigger degree stays in an inner world, than in a physical body.

In the first four years of life children are guided by spiritual knowledge, than on corporal experience more.

At the majority of children only in six years the body is programmed in order that physical reality to perceive before the spiritual.

All of us are born psychics, and our spiritual abilities do not leave anywhere, they simply disappear under a thick layer of denial and a ban.

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If it is constantto

If it is constantto It is not necessary to achieveefficiency at any cost and to demandfrom itself and the child by all means to use everyoneinstant with the maximum advantage.

If it is constantto think of that is necessary to be engaged with the childsomething developin it can badly be reflectedon the relations with it.

Moments of silence orrelaxations are not less favorable for communicationand unifications, than periods of breathless attention.

Occupations should be organized thus,that, without spending time for preparation, to have possibilityto conduct lesson in any conditions.

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