He knows

He knows At me on a back ran goosebumps, and I asked And they have names Yes.

Silk, the Snowball and James answered the child.

I asked, whether always they are near it, and the boy explained Silk and the Snowball always with me, and James leaves and comes, when it is necessary to me.

His intuition grows together with it, sometimes inspiring amazement.

He knows in advance that each of us is going to tell, literally snatching out words from a mouth.

He knows in advance about return home members of the family to iotas, the planned action will take place or not.

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Such characteristic

Such characteristic When children will remember the main figures, can by means of the adult to carry out a role of the driving.

Speech development Development of understanding of speech In cases when conversation on the small child, kotocomes yet learned to speak, from relatives of the child it is often possible to hear He understands everythin only yet does not speak.

Such characteristic of behavior of the kid means, that he knows values of many words and expressions, can comprehend them in a context concrete situation.

Let's try to understand, whether so it.

Really, quite often the child acts adequately in a framework to a certain situation shows the necessary subject or a toy, makes necessary action.

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Sometimes Lovely animals, do not offend each other.


At parting happily to remain.

Sometimes in stories and fairy tales citing creeps, and it looks quite funny! Here the prince approaches to it and speaks My dear as it is good! Well for neck that for eyes … XII MUSIC yearold children started to listen to music how in the childhood listened to it I.

Anybody explained nothin nobody achieved, that we, three children, it understood.

How many I remember myself, it simply sounded in our house, though professional musicians in a family was not.

Professional we with the sister became musicians subsequently.

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Any violence, any terms

Any violence, any terms The most live discussion seen, heard, read with attraction already passable, only earlier the known should take place not occasionally, not because the subject vegetables after which it is necessary to pass to is at present planned to the subject fruit.

Any violence, any terms and at the same time neuklonnost, sequence and constancy of efforts.

In kindergarten during musical occupations the teacher plays on piano.

The Bremen musicians hammered together a quartet the cock sings and jingles on to balalaika, a cat the violinist, a donkey the guitarist, a dog the drummer, the drummer.

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Theresa and her husband

Theresa and her husband It has the certificate of the expert in Angelic Therapy of doctor Doreen Vyorche and nowadaysEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONworks on this system with clients from the different countries of the world.

Gives lectures and holds seminars on communication with angels and personal development.

Theresa and her husband Brian organized Angela Eshlenda's society which arranges the various actions directed on stimulation of spiritual growth and increase of level of consciousness.

Whether you are ready to realize that your child the Christ,Or Buddha,Or Brightened upThis most important that we can advise to you Due to the education of children.

And this most important that we can tell to you about life.

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Tell, for example

Tell, for example Therefore try to note any, even the most modest, achievements and successes.

In case of failure not focus on it attention.

Tell, for example Then once again we will try, In the following time surely will turn out , you tried well done.

Conclusion that kids developed quicker and more surely, praise them more often.

Features of logopedic occupations with children early age Logopedic occupations with children of early age also have a row features Existence of emotional contact between the teacher and the child A lot of things will depend on that, games are how interestingly organized, as far as the child is emotionally involved.

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Often parents, without

Often parents, without Parents get used to treat the senior child exactingly.

This exacting relation usually amplifies, when there is a kid.

Now many parents believe that it is necessary to demand from the senior observance of even more rigid rules.

Often parents, without noticing it, start to demand from the senior child to be more adult, than it is.

Younger watches all events and starts to perceive the relation of parents to the senior child as excessive attention.

Many second children believe that parents loved more and were engaged with the senior, than with it.

And the senior child too considers that adults loved younger more, and at it only carped.

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  • It is important to remember thatwe raise someone's future husband or the wife, the father ormother.Most likely, our children, having become adults,will arrive how them brought up.Strengthening of a small motilityExcept fundamental principles of educationWilliam and Martha Serz offer a set of times Technique of house education of William and Martha Serz the vivayushchy games promoting strengthening of the smallmotility and coordination of movements for example,to formation socalled pintsetny capture, which consists in, that the childfrom a small group of small subjects chose one, instead of raked uptheir both hands.After half a year the child starts to take subjectsone hand, instead of two eyes, noses and hair of the lovingparents all field of his sight and hvatatelnymovements.
  • Following stage of development of speech phonemic hearing of the child the sound analysis of a word inventing of words on the set sound is, definition of a place of a sound in a word at the beginnin in the end or in the middle of a word, distinction aurally words which differ with one sound, definition aurally the sound structure of words and so forth.Such perception of speech becomes feasible for children Preschool age years, its development is a problem of the following stage logopedic work also it is not considered within this book.
  • I remind he started to be engaged, when he was years old of months.Y.Gde was a ring In and N I.In the sea, under a whale, deeply.Y.Kto got In and N I.Ruff.The whale to it ordered.Other fishes did not get Y.Pochemu In and N I.Forces were not.Y.Chey was a ring In and N I.Tsar devitsy.I.And who rumpled wheat In and N I.Mare.I.And it is possible to do it In and N I.
  • It is now more reasonable to reduce time, which MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONthe child will see off on hands.For example, if to the kidit is time to sleep to tell to it about it with a smile, but it is firmand to go to be engaged in the affairs, even if itshows discontent.Sometimes mother or other relatives are so adheredto the kid that entertain his all the time, whenhe does not sleep carry on hands, play or make laugh him.Further it will lead to that the child will weanto have a good time independently.
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